Russ Dalbey’s Winning in the Cash Flow Business Review – Part 1 – A Brief Analysis

Who is Russ Dalbey?

Russ Dalbey is a self-made multi-millionaire and the CEO of the Dalbey Education Institute which was founded in 1995. He is also a former professional cyclist who currently holds the world record for the one-mile. In addition, Russ Dalbey is a motivated public speaker who shares his insights on the topics of wealth, success, and self-confidence.

Russ Dalbey is a specialist in the cash flow business and has dedicated his life to help other people achieve financial freedom by teaching his convenient methods through personalized training and support. He has been thriving in this note business for the past two decades and is now recognized as a leading educator and expert in the cash flow industry today. Russ Dalbey deeply welcomes anyone looking for a better to way live and enjoy the best of what life has to offer.

What is Winning in the Cash Flow Business all about?

Winning in the Cash Flow Business is based on re-selling real estate notes. This business is a secondary system in the sense that you are “re-selling” something that has already been sold before. You might also be wondering what exactly are real estate notes. A real estate note, also known as a cash flow note, is an agreement between two parties that states a promise to pay. Real estate notes can be classified as land contracts, mobile home notes, or commercial property.

The primary goal of Winning in the Cash Flow Business is to go out and find individuals who hold these real estate notes and convince them to sell their monthly payments at a discount for a lump sum of cash now. Once you get their attention you then connect them with buyers looking to purchase their note by submitting the note through America’s Note Network which is also hosted by Russ Dalbey. After you get a few bids you then contact the note holder again with the best offer and then seal the deal while making a nice finder’s fee for making the transaction possible.

In conclusion

Winning in the Cash Flow Business seems like a great and easy way to make money working from home, but you should never dive into a business based on first impressions. As a final note: with any at home business opportunity that you come across late at night on TV or on the internet, be sure to always do your homework first to determine if it is a respectable business and one that is right for you. This will greatly save you time and money and in the long run you will benefit from making a better decision for yourself and your family.

About the Author

Book Review: Black Fortunes

Wills bagged a winner with Black Fortunes-The Story of the First Six African Americans Who Escaped Slavery and Became Millionaires. As the title suggests, the author portrayed the stories of six people: Mary Ellen Pleasant, Robert Church Reed, O.W. Gurley, Hannah Elias, Annie Turnbo Malone, and Madam C.J. Walker. While some are familiar with the story of Madam’s hair care empire, I believe the stories of her predecessors are just as fascinating.

What makes the book a page turner? You see the determination, ingenuity, courage, brilliance, and faith of people who despite their beginnings pursued their dreams; as a result, they amassed a fortune – enduring unspeakable circumstances. You’re engaged from beginning to end. This article discusses some of the benefits that I think any reader will gain.

5 Benefits

· History

Burke asserted that, “Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it.” Black Fortune packs a ton of American history. You name it – slavery, reconstruction, segregation, Jim Crow, growth of the west, the resettling of Native Americans, business, real estate, housing, government, interracial dating/relations, and you’ll find it. Furthermore, find out how the millionaires used their money to support abolitionists.

In effect, I suggest that both high school and college instructors consider making this book required reading for history or business classes. In addition to acquiring knowledge that has been kept from history books, students will draw connections between the past and present. How can you avoid repeating what you don’t know?

· Case Studies

Along with the benefit of a unique historical perspective, the book provides six amazing case studies. Despite the conditions each person unearthed a way to survive and thrive. Like many affluent African Americans today, these individuals used their prosperity to support worthy causes. Hence, their stories present lessons on building business (marketing, research, recruiting talent, business expansion, raising capital, investing, product development, community involvement, and more). Simply put, the rise of Black Wall Street merits close analysis. You’re bound to evoke a range of emotions and lively discussions.

· Insight

At the same time, Black Fortunes offers insight for entrepreneurs. The trail blazers shared a keen intuitiveness as well as a knack for taking risks. Unlike many who shriek with fear in the face of adversity, this bunch searched for opportunities. Furthermore, they devised strategies to leverage products and services.

Are you an entrepreneur? If you answered in the affirmative, you need a copy. By reading a chapter or two on days when things seem impossible, you’re assured to attain understanding and encouragement.

· Inspiration

When you look at what these six individuals endured, anyone will be inspired to live a life of purpose, especially people of color. How does someone barely out of slavery not only pull him or herself up but surpass the people who oppressed them? They had less to work with, they faced insurmountable odds, and they could not openly enjoy the fruits of their labor. In short, they proved everyone wrong by dismantling stereotypes. So, if the six individuals featured in this book achieved what they did then, today we can achieve more.

· Entertainment

Someone said, “Anyone who tries to make a distinction between education and entertainment doesn’t know the first thing about either”. In my opinion this book makes a good movie; it teaches and inspires.

Book Review – Think Like a Billionaire by Donald Trump

When I first picked up Donald Trump’s book titled, “Trump: Think Like a Billionaire,” I thought the book would be an insightful and easy read. The book was very easy to read, but not too insightful. Trump has divided this book into 100 or so chapters of about two or three pages each which describe a different tip or aspect of a billionaire’s life.

Trump gives tips on every aspect of life, from finding an attorney, to which golf clubs to play with, to romance, to keeping up your appearances in the business world. He basically tells you how to live life like he does. Trump gives you his tips and tricks in five different chapters. Chapter one deals with real estate. Some of the topics in this chapter are how to get an appraisal and inspection on your property, how to deal with a broker and attorney, how to landscape, how to pick an interest rate and down payment, and how to find a good office.

Chapter two deals with the topic of money management. Trump gives you tips on topics such as how to divide up your portfolio, how to pinch pennies, how to save and pay for college, how to decide how much risk you should consider, and how to plan for retirement. This chapter is shorter and less informative than the real estate chapter. Donald Trump is the undisputed master of real estate buying and developing so it is expected that his real estate chapter should be the best of this book.

Chapter three is titled, “The Business of Life.” This chapter is mostly about how to present your self and make the most out of life. Some of the topics Trump covers are how to make good friends, how to love your job, how to behave in a meeting, how to dress and present yourself at work, and how to balance work and pleasure. This section gives some interesting advice from a perspective many people do not know about. For example, how many of us really know what its like to dress like a billionaire and balance life at a billion dollar business with a personal life consisting of a model wife and super mansion? This chapter more than the others, gives a glimpse into the personal life and tastes of a billionaire.

Chapter four is titled, “Slices of the Billionaire’s Life.” This chapter is basically a hodge-podge of advice and organizations Trump is involved in. He speaks on topics such as the Statue of Liberty, Columbia University’s land problems, beauty pageants, the value of audacity, the Mar-a-Lago beach club, and most importantly to Trump, hosting Saturday Night Live. The Saturday Night Live portion of the book is interesting as he takes you through what a host must endure during rehearsal, being asked to do the show, and the endless punishment the actors on Saturday Night Live delivered to Trump. This is one of the lighter and more entertaining sections of the book. Following this, Trump dedicates about thirty to forty pages to describing a week in his life. He tells the reader how he gets up early, stays at work for twelve hours, takes conference calls and attends meetings all day, and goes home to do more business and see his wife.

The final chapter is all about a former season of The Apprentice. Trump is very excited and praises his show repeatedly, and takes the reader through the logistics of his reality show. He even gives a brief background of all the upcoming contestants and why they qualified for his show and how they have all succeeded on their own outside of the show. Donald Trump will take you through a week in his life during filming of The Apprentice and how even a billionaire with overwhelming confidence can really become nervous before filming.

While reading this book the reader will realize that Donald Trump’s number one fan is Donald Trump. He has all the confidence in the world and it shows easily in his writing. Not only does he praise his business decisions, but he praises his Mar-a-Lago club repeatedly. He has a large amount of power and capability as a billionaire, and it is easy to see in this book that he truly enjoys the power. Personally, I would not recommend this book. The advice Trump provides is not unique, and when given in only two or three pages at a time, you do not get a true sense of how to take advantage of his advice. He only skims the surface of all of his topics, where all of the topics could really use at least a chapter to explain. If you are looking for a glimpse into a powerful billionaire’s life, then this book is for you. If you are looking for business advice and how to be a more successful person, you would be better off reading something else.

1-800-PACK-RAT Review and Promo Code

1-800-PACK-RAT is a portable container storage and moving company. They are consistently referred to as one of PODS biggest competition. Moving can be a stressful time which makes choosing the right companies to work with a very important decision. The right choice can make moving a breeze, while the wrong one can make it a nightmare. Here is a detailed 1-800-PACK-RAT review to give you a better idea as to whether or not they would be the best solution for you.

An Overview of 1-800-PACK-RAT

1-800-PACK-RAT was first opened in 2003 in the state of North Carolina. It has quickly grown and now services more than 60 different markets. This means that depending on where you live, it may not be an option although they are located in almost every major market. Being founded near the East Coast, it is no surprise that a majority of their locations are in the Midwest, South, and East Coast areas. Additionally, it appears that some locations are getting markedly better customer reviews than others, likely due to the quality of the local management staff.

1-800-PACK-RAT Storage

Portable storage seems to be one of their primary uses, along with long-distance moving. All of their containers are built from steel and only you will have the key that can access the container. The storage facility that will hold your container is a climate controlled warehouse that will keep the temperature between 55°F and 80°F at all times, while also keeping the level of humidity below 65%. Additionally, the warehouses have 24 seven video surveillance, secure access points, and of automated sprinkler system. Another benefit is that there are no shared hallways, which makes accessing your storage container much easier. One thing to keep in mind is that in order to access your container, you need to give them a 48 hour notice in order to give them time to move your storage unit into a secure staging area.

Moving With 1-800-PACK-RAT

If you are looking into this company for moving purposes, then the overall process is fairly similar to if you were simply going to store it. They will deliver your portable storage unit to your home, where you can pack it at your own pace. Once you are finished, they will pick it up and then either delivered to your new residence or store it in their temporary storage area. One of the benefits that they offer is that you do not have to keep it on your driveway you don’t want to. All is required is a stable flat surface.

3 Tips When Using 1-800-PACK-RAT

If you’ve decided that 1-800-PACK-RAT seems like the best solution for your needs, then here are three quick tips that could make things easier.

1. Do Your Research to Get the Best Deal

1-800-PACK-RAT offers a price match guarantee with PODS. The order to make sure the are getting the best deal possible, always check with your local PODS service to get a quote and ensure that it is matched.

2. Local Discounts Are Only Available On the 1-800-PACK-RAT Website

Another thing to keep in mind is that the 1-800-PACK-RAT website offers unique discounts based upon your location. Always check the website before you place your order to make sure the you get access to and updated coupon code. Use promo code V0111P2 to save 5% off monthly storage fees.

3. Time Your Schedule

Currently, the company does not prorate their monthly fees. In order to get the most savings, make sure that you schedule your move so that it doesn’t accidentally run into the first part of the next monthly cycle.

TenantPro 7 – Rental Property Management and Accounting System Software Review For Investors and Ops

Tenant Pro 7 is the number 1 rated property management software used by over 18,000 property management companies operating their rental units. The software integrates seemlessly with Microsoft producing over 45 preset documents. Also, the system integrates with Quickbooks, provides electronic payment processing allowing online payment from residents and resident credit card processing, offers background checking and other add-ons. This windows based system can meet practically all management requirements for almost any residential rental type unit.

Tenant pro provides move in, move out, application, unit, work order, general ledger, 1099, late notice, bill entry, owner information, vendor management, and many other basic functions.

The window interface provides easy click of the mouse access to each area. The tabs are:

  • properties,
  • units,
  • vendors,
  • work orders,
  • reports,
  • tenant charges,
  • tenant payments,
  • move ins,
  • move outs,
  • enter bills,
  • checkbook,
  • preferences,
  • accounting,
  • income,
  • manager,
  • reports,
  • lists

Managers can produce income statements, complete bank reconciliations, complete late notices, print out maintenance reports, prepare rent rolls, and many other reports.

Looking at residents alone, capture name, address, phone numbers, email addresses, rent rates, and overdue or over paid fees and rents.

For maintenance reports, collect date of the issue, details, maintenance person or contractor assigned, date corrected, action completed and more.

Perhaps as important, TenantPro offers a 3 hour online training session plus a multiunit online training tutorial to help you get off to a fast effective start meeting your property management and accounting needs. Additionally, the Company offers a variety of support packages.

Some other management systems to be aware (and there are many more) consider Yardi or RentManager. These systems offer most if not all of the same features and capabilities. Price and scalability may vary. There are also a number of online management systems that may prove interesting as well.

Owners, investors, managers, and principals should be seeking a management system that provides the features offered by Tenant Pro. As important, choosing a system with the proven capabilities, available training, available support, and 10s of thousands of satisfied users is a prudent move by any manager or owner. At the price the system is available (under $1,000 for 100 units) there is little reason why any manager could not afford the system. Reasonably complete training is available for $500 or less. So, as you are planning your acquisition or upgrading your operation implementing a good management system to produce up to date reports is a prudent step for most managers.