Robert Kyosaki – Rich Dad Poor Dad Review

I happened to lift up this book due to its catchy name “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” plus its tag saying “What Rich educate their kids about the money – that poor & middle class men do not!” Possibly it had to do with my deeply depleted bank account and fact that book assured to educate something about the money, which my parent’s had not.

Robert T. Kiyosaki writes this book and he is fourth generation Japanese American. While serving in Marine Corps as helicopter gunship pilot at time of Vietnam War, he then took job with Xerox Corporation as salesman and this is when he invested in the real estate and some other commodities and finally started company that brought in nylon & Velcro wallets in market. Mr. Robert now runs business as well as education company, known as Cashflow Technologies, Inc.

Ralph H. Kiyosaki, father of Robert’s, was former manager of Education for state of Hawaii. Also he was highly educated man from Stanford University and he is referred as “Poor Dad” in this book. Man referred to “Rich Dad” is neighbor who has never done eight grades owned warehouses, construction company, chain of stores as well as three restaurants. Whereas “Poor Dad” advised Robert to work hard in education so that he can make money, “Rich Dad” have taught Robert how one can invest money with the intention that he will not be bound in constraints of nine to five job.

Book has all different lessons about money, which Robert’s adviser, “Rich Dad” has taught him. The “Rich Dad” was very rich and educated Robert how one can get rich as well as stay in that way. Contrast in the attitudes of rich and middle-class to money is more reinforced by teachings of the “Poor Dad,” which have typical middle class ideas about money. But “Poor dad” made sufficient to pay taxes and own house, despite of being highly educated as well as working for Government.

Mr. Robert says his main reason behind this book was teaching financial literacy to people who are not blessed to have “Rich Dad” to illustrate us how to put our money in investment properly. He also argues that present educational system makes us financially useless and, enables rich corporations and Government to use us for the money due to the lack of monetary literacy. He presents many precious insights in money management, which he got from his “Rich Dad” as well as from his personal knowledge.