Is John Burley’s Progressive Profits Real Estate Really a Good Opportunity to a Lot of Make Money?

What is John Burley’s Progressive Profits Real Estate?

John Burley’s Progressive Profits Real Estate is a DVD series with information needed to begin making money in real estate. This course is said to be useful even to people that have no prior real estate experience allowing them to start making money fairly quickly. The package includes three guides that explain how to begin; the Quick Start System, Cash Flow Secrets, and Quick Cash Secrets.

Do these manuals really explain ways to make a lot of money by utilizing the methods?

The creator of the series, John Burley claims the program can help to increase an individuals net worth significantly and transform ones financial situation in under 90 days. This sounds a little too good to be true. However, John Burley is actually a legitimate expert investor and author with a massive amount of experience. So there is valuable real world information in this product however the infomercials and other marketing avenues used by Burley to promote this product tend to portray it inaccurately with regard to the level of success experienced amongst those who try the methods. Of course as with any other program there will be varying results and not everyone will make money.

Can John Burley’s Progressive Profits Real Estate really work?

Yes the program really works, but as mentioned earlier results will vary meaning it will not work for everybody. John Burley is often referred to as “One of the Premier Investors in America.” He has also been named in the Who’s Who of American Business People and International Entrepreneurs and possesses a vast amount of knowledge of the real estate market.

After viewing the video for John Burley’s Progressive Profits Real Estate some folks wonder the program is legit. It is absolutely legit but it is a just a short summary of techniques and is not for real estate new-comers. The real estate market can be a risky unless one has a sufficient level of knowledge and expertise on the subject.

What is it really like to be active and successful in the real estate market?

There is a lot involved in the process of buying and selling property. It is absolutely possible to do well in real estate today. As with any other area of business it is beneficial to work with or have access to someone that is experienced in the field already and can act as a guide. Many related products offer good information but a genuine real world mentor is better than anything you can buy. The reason for this is that when one begins a business there will always be times when they will have some question that is crucial and having a resource for these times can be paramount to being successful.

John T. Reed’s Views of Various Real Estate Investment Gurus

You wake up in the middle of the night – unable to fall back to sleep, so you start flipping through the channels. Undoubtedly, you will come across a station – where a nicely dressed person in an exotic location is telling how rich he or she became selling real estate. Then you hear testimony after testimony from people stating how they too became rich by following the gurus advice. Depending on how your day was at work – you start contemplating calling and giving it a shot. I remember in the late 80’s, I almost signed up for Robert Allen’s no-money down seminar. However, a friend who had attended it in the past talked me out of it. He saved me a few bucks, because then – like now real estate was in a recession.

John T. Reed reviews all of gurus past and present including Robert Allen, Wade Cook, Robert Kiyosaki, Carleton Sheets, Donald Trump and many more.

It pained me to read his review of Robert Kiyosaki. After reading his quite elaborate review, I was almost embarrassed to say that I learned anything from Kiyosaki’s book “Rich Dad Poor Dad.” I did read it in the 98-99 time frame. So, maybe I was very impressionable at that time. I did agree that most of Kiyosaki’s subsequent books were simply rehashes of “Rich Dad Poor Dad” and its follow up “Cash Flow Quadrant.” I have Kiyosaki’s latest book that he co-authored with Trump, but I still haven’t made it pass the first couple of pages yet. Regardless of Reed’s opinion, I still enjoyed “Rich Dad Poor Dad.” However, if I ever met Reed – I would keep that information to myself.

Take a look at his reviews of the Gurus. You will never view those infomercials in the same light again.

Real Estate Investment Gurus Review