Russ Dalbey’s Winning in the Cash Flow Business Review – Part 1 – A Brief Analysis

Who is Russ Dalbey?

Russ Dalbey is a self-made multi-millionaire and the CEO of the Dalbey Education Institute which was founded in 1995. He is also a former professional cyclist who currently holds the world record for the one-mile. In addition, Russ Dalbey is a motivated public speaker who shares his insights on the topics of wealth, success, and self-confidence.

Russ Dalbey is a specialist in the cash flow business and has dedicated his life to help other people achieve financial freedom by teaching his convenient methods through personalized training and support. He has been thriving in this note business for the past two decades and is now recognized as a leading educator and expert in the cash flow industry today. Russ Dalbey deeply welcomes anyone looking for a better to way live and enjoy the best of what life has to offer.

What is Winning in the Cash Flow Business all about?

Winning in the Cash Flow Business is based on re-selling real estate notes. This business is a secondary system in the sense that you are “re-selling” something that has already been sold before. You might also be wondering what exactly are real estate notes. A real estate note, also known as a cash flow note, is an agreement between two parties that states a promise to pay. Real estate notes can be classified as land contracts, mobile home notes, or commercial property.

The primary goal of Winning in the Cash Flow Business is to go out and find individuals who hold these real estate notes and convince them to sell their monthly payments at a discount for a lump sum of cash now. Once you get their attention you then connect them with buyers looking to purchase their note by submitting the note through America’s Note Network which is also hosted by Russ Dalbey. After you get a few bids you then contact the note holder again with the best offer and then seal the deal while making a nice finder’s fee for making the transaction possible.

In conclusion

Winning in the Cash Flow Business seems like a great and easy way to make money working from home, but you should never dive into a business based on first impressions. As a final note: with any at home business opportunity that you come across late at night on TV or on the internet, be sure to always do your homework first to determine if it is a respectable business and one that is right for you. This will greatly save you time and money and in the long run you will benefit from making a better decision for yourself and your family.

About the Author

Real Estate Business Tips – Do You Know Your Numbers?

I bet that if I asked you right now approximately how much money you had in your personal bank account that you would know the answer. And I bet that you probably keep fairly good track of the checks that you write in your checkbook log.

Of course, you are saying to yourself…so what’s the point? My point is simply this: you obviously have a pretty good knowledge of the financial numbers in your personal life, so how come you don’t know the numbers in your Real Estate Investing business? Now, there is more to knowing your numbers than knowing just how much money you have in your bank account and in your checkbook, so I don’t want you to think that you can get off that easy. Ultimately, if you want to be extremely successful as a real estate investor then you need to know, review, track, and work to improve the numbers of your business on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual basis!

In my business, every Monday I get together with my employees and we talk numbers such as: How many letters were mailed out, how many calls we received, how many appointments were scheduled, how many houses we are trying to buy, how many houses we are trying to sell, how our marketing is converting, how, how, how, how…. It’s called, keeping a finger on the pulse of your business. Do you have a finger on the pulse of YOUR business?

If you are lazy, or think you don’t have enough time to compile and review your stats, or think that it doesn’t matter, THINK AGAIN! Here’s the reality of how important it is to know your numbers: No numbers = No business (period!). Everything in this real estate investing business revolves around numbers and simple math. My advice to you is to create some simple reports that you can easily analyze and compare once a week. It doesn’t have to impress a Statistician, just keep it simple and start to keep track of that which you feel is most important to your success. If you have an assistant or employees that can help you, then create the report and have them compile the data for you to review each week (that’s what I do).

Make a commitment to yourself to do this for a minimum of 1 month. If it seems to be too much work then you can stop, however you have to do it for a minimum of 1 month. About the 2nd or 3rd week your eyes will open wider then they ever have in the past as you’ll now begin to know your numbers. This simple act will make you smarter, more confident and more wealthy as you grow your real estate investing business …GUARANTEED!

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To your real estate investing success,

Brian Evans