5 Things You Deserve From Your Real Estate Agent

When, you, either, decide to buy a home of your own, or, seek to sell your house, doesn’t it make sense, to carefully, choose the one, who might, best serve and represent your needs, etc? Since, you have the choice, of trying to do it, yourself, or, hiring a real estate agent, to help you, professionally, proceed, forward, the more, you know, and understand, the better off, you will probably be! When you hire an agent, consider, carefully, who, might be right, for you, and your personal needs, etc! You deserve to be treated properly, and, to hire someone, who will meet, and exceed you expectations! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 things you should expect, and demand, which you deserve from the individual, you hire.

1. Integrity: Carefully consider several, highly recommended agents! Have thorough discussion, ask many relevant questions, and observe, whether, the individual, fully answers, to your satisfaction, and thorough, understanding? Does that person maintain eye – contact, and what does their body language, indicate about them, as a person? You must expect, and demand, absolute integrity, and, someone, who, tells you what you need to know, not, just, what you want to hear!

2. Empathy: You need to work with someone, who, effectively listen and learn, from every conversation, and experience, and, proceed, with absolute, genuine integrity! Genuine empathy, means, paying keen attention, to the needs, goals, priorities, and perceptions, of those you serve and represent!

3. Service/ representation: Opt for someone, who, consistently, puts quality service, and representation, ahead of their personal interests! Agents owe their customers, and, especially, their clients, the finest, possible allegiance, focused on maximizing meaningful service and representation!

4. Knowledge/ expertise: One of the primary reasons to hire a professional, rather than trying to sell or buy, on your own, must be, to take advantage of his relevant knowledge, aptitude, skill – set, experience, and expertise, so you are as prepared as possible, price your house, right, from the start, effectively negotiate, and, basically, hold – your – hand, throughout the process!

5. Negotiate, and close – the – deal: How well someone negotiates, and, knows, when, and where, to hold them, or fold them, generally, enhances your overall experience! Great agents are superior negotiators, and, effectively, close – the – best – deal, for their clients!

Hiring the right person, often, makes a significant difference, in whether, the overall experience, is the most beneficial, and stress – free! Be a wise consumer!

What To Seek From Your Real Estate Agent?

Since, for most of us, our house represents the single – biggest, financial asset, doesn’t it make sense, when you decide, to sell your home, to get the best results, and when you purchase, you get the quality house, you seek and deserve? In most parts of the country, there are many options, in terms of hiring a real estate agent, to best represent you, and your needs, in the best possible way, so, it is wise, to choose smartly, and hire the best individual, for your specific needs, personality, situation, etc. Let’s review a few of the qualities to focus on.

1. Empathy: When you interview potential agents, observe closely, and see, if their presentation, is focused, clearly on you, or more general? Does the individual ask probing, insightful questions, and, then effectively listens, and learns, what you seek, and your goals, priorities, and needs? You might wonder why I list empathy before certain skills, but, it’s because, many have the skills, but fewer possess genuine empathy!

2. Marketing/ action plan: How will your house be marketed, and why? What media, vehicles, etc, might make the best differences, for the better? How will you, and the agent, work, as a team? How often will you share ideas, and how will the process go? How will potential price adjustments be determined and considered? What factors does the agent anticipate, and how will he position, you? Are you a candidate, for a house – stager, how expensive is it, and what are the benefits, etc?

3. Niche: Is this house a candidate for niche – marketing, and why? If so, what is that niche? How will the house be marketed and promoted, to best take advantage of that?

4. Strengths/ weaknesses: Avoid being overly emotional, and review, both, the strengths and weaknesses of the home and property, etc, especially compared to the competition. Emphasize the strengths, and minimize weaknesses!

5. Competitive Market Analysis: Pricing the house, right, from the start, is often the difference, between the finest, and lesser results! Many people falsely, equate, listing price, with selling price, and list the house, at too high a price! Doing so, often, hurts the final number, because, in most cases, the best results come in the first few weeks, and only intelligent pricing, does so! There are often times, when pricing lower, creates a competitive situation, and I have often, had clients, get better results, from starting lower, and attracting more buyers.

6. Integrity: It’s difficult to evaluate, but demand, an agent, with the utmost degree of genuine integrity!

Carefully examine and consider, who you choose, to hire, as your real estate agent. The better you choose, the easier the period.

What Type Of Real Estate AGENT, Do You Need?

Since, for most of us, the value of our house, represents our single – biggest, financial asset, doesn’t it make sense, to proceed wisely, and in your best interest, when you decide, it’s the right time, to sell it? Statistics, consistently indicate, in the vast number of instances, homeowners benefit, when they take advantage, of hiring the finest quality, well – trained, empathetic, caring, AGENT! Whether, the main concern, is obtaining the highest possible price, in the shortest period of time, or addressing specific needs, goals, and/ or, priorities, owners benefit, when they take advantage of quality, real estate representation. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means, and represents, and why it matters.

1. Attention; actions; attitude; apt; aptitude; analysis: A well – qualified, real estate agent, pays keen attention, to every detail, in order to ensure, his client’s experience, is better, etc! He proceeds, with a can – do, positive attitude, combined with a well – developed, aptitude, and skill – set! How can anyone know, whether his perceptions are apt, and accurate, unless, a professional, offers a realistic analysis?

2. Greater: Greater results arise from finer focus, and emphasizing a particular property’s strengths, while addressing areas of weakness, so potential, qualified buyers, are more motivated, to purchase the specific property!

3. Efforts; effects; effective; excellence; endurance: Successfully, marketing and selling a home, requires placing one’s efforts, where it will create the best effects! An effective agent, strives to offer service, based on genuine excellence, and recognizes, the real estate transaction period, always has certain challenges, and, requires the endurance, and ability, to proceed, in a positive, focused manner!

4. Needs; niche: During a homeowner’s interview process, to determine, which agent, to hire, the agent must learn, discover, and understand a client’s needs, while recognizing the niche, in terms of potential buyers, and comparative properties!

5. Time – tested; timely: An experienced agent, based on his knowledge, experience, and expertise, develops the judgment, and, hopefully, wisdom, to proceed, with time – tested ideas, and approaches. To get the most desirable results, it’s important, for agents, to always, proceed, in a well – considered, timely manner, so potential buyers, and their agents, feel welcome, and more apt, to choose, your specific home!

With all the agents, in most areas, doesn’t it make sense, to hire someone, who will make a meaningful difference, for the better, in terms of the possible results? Will you take the time, to identify, the right person, for your needs?

Real Estate Leads – How To Get Free Real Estate Agent Leads

Real estate leads are vital to any agent or brokers business. Home sale and home buyer leads have always been an important part of keeping a real estate business moving forward. With the advent of the internet and more than 80-percent of home buyers going on-line to look for their next home, internet leads are one of the most important marketing avenues realtors and brokers need to be using to increase their listings and income.

What many real estate agents don’t know is that there are a handful of real estate lead generation companies that generate the majority of leads on the internet. In fact they generate so many leads that they don’t have enough real estate professionals to sell them to. In order to help the home buyer or seller who went to the businesses website the lead generation companies have been giving the leads away for free, at least no up-front cost.

To get the free leads the real estate agent has to agree to pay a referral for any closed translation. The reason many agents don’t know about these leads is because only one or two of the large on-line lead generation companies offer this free referral service because it requires them to have a licensed broker within the company.

These business leads are very helpful for a realtor starting in the business or a broker who has multiple agents under them. Also, agents who want to increase their marketing and number of closings each month can use these leads to increase their business. Typically the lead generation company wants 1 to 2 years of experience representing home buyers or home sellers but if they don’t have any agents in your area then they will most likely take any agent. For home seller leads it is helpful if the agents have a network of investors who can buy houses fast. Many home sellers who go on-line and complete home seller forms need to sell a home quickly for many reasons. Some have large amounts of equity which allows them to sell price their home for a quick sale. Others are behind on their mortgage and would love to have an investor buy their home so they don’t lose it to foreclosure.

If you are a broker or realtor and looking to increase your business I suggest signing up with one of the lead generation companies who offers a no cost real estate referral program. Typically these companies do not charge you any sign-up fee, monthly fees or cancellation fees, just a fee for closed transactions.

Real Estate Agent Assistant Agreement

Using an assistant agreement is vital when hiring a real estate assistant. It should describe the working relationship between you and the assistant. The first thing you should consider is whether he or she is an employee or working as an independent contractor. If you choose to have an employee you have to deduct taxes, social security and unemployment insurance from their pay. This involves a lot of record keeping on your part plus the added expenses you incur by having an employee…

So after consideration most agents that hire assistants choose the independent contractor status. You do not have to do any of the withholding. You just have to provide a 1099 form. There is no salary only a commission or fee as payment or services rendered payment. This fee will also be deductible on your taxes as an expense.. It would be wise to check with your accountant to see how to handle the payment schedule.

You should hire an assistant that has an active real estate license because if they don’t have one it will limit them to doing only what an unlicensed person can do. This will make a very big difference because there are many tasks that need a licensed agent to perform. Some of the requirements you should consider when interviewing an assistant would be having computer skills in programs such as Microsoft word, excel or comparable programs. If they don’t have a laptop computer you may have to provide one. Although it’s an expense the investment will prove well worth it.

Let’s talk about what else an agreement should do.

  • Define the work hours
  • Define commission or payment services
  • Explain what duties you expect from an assistant
  • Assist with showings
  • Assist with market value reports
  • Go on market value report appointments with you
  • Set Appointments
  • Do open houses
  • Record keeping
  • Mailings
  • Hand out flyers
  • Place signs for open houses
  • Make phone calls on your behalf
  • Prospecting for new business
  • Review the daily updates on the MLS
  • Preview new listings
  • Meet all of your clients and customers
  • A team player attitude

You must determine a payment schedule of how much, when and how often the assistant should expect payment. Your business growth should have a direct effect on commission increases for the assistant. A confidentially clause is important to have in your agreement. The assistant must know that what goes on between both of you stays confidential. Having this all on paper will set the guidelines. Your assistant will know their job description and their duties.. A real estate assistant agreement should protect both parties.