Robert Kyosaki – Rich Dad Poor Dad Review

I happened to lift up this book due to its catchy name “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” plus its tag saying “What Rich educate their kids about the money – that poor & middle class men do not!” Possibly it had to do with my deeply depleted bank account and fact that book assured to educate something about the money, which my parent’s had not.

Robert T. Kiyosaki writes this book and he is fourth generation Japanese American. While serving in Marine Corps as helicopter gunship pilot at time of Vietnam War, he then took job with Xerox Corporation as salesman and this is when he invested in the real estate and some other commodities and finally started company that brought in nylon & Velcro wallets in market. Mr. Robert now runs business as well as education company, known as Cashflow Technologies, Inc.

Ralph H. Kiyosaki, father of Robert’s, was former manager of Education for state of Hawaii. Also he was highly educated man from Stanford University and he is referred as “Poor Dad” in this book. Man referred to “Rich Dad” is neighbor who has never done eight grades owned warehouses, construction company, chain of stores as well as three restaurants. Whereas “Poor Dad” advised Robert to work hard in education so that he can make money, “Rich Dad” have taught Robert how one can invest money with the intention that he will not be bound in constraints of nine to five job.

Book has all different lessons about money, which Robert’s adviser, “Rich Dad” has taught him. The “Rich Dad” was very rich and educated Robert how one can get rich as well as stay in that way. Contrast in the attitudes of rich and middle-class to money is more reinforced by teachings of the “Poor Dad,” which have typical middle class ideas about money. But “Poor dad” made sufficient to pay taxes and own house, despite of being highly educated as well as working for Government.

Mr. Robert says his main reason behind this book was teaching financial literacy to people who are not blessed to have “Rich Dad” to illustrate us how to put our money in investment properly. He also argues that present educational system makes us financially useless and, enables rich corporations and Government to use us for the money due to the lack of monetary literacy. He presents many precious insights in money management, which he got from his “Rich Dad” as well as from his personal knowledge.

On My Own: Five Secrets to a Successful FSBO Home Sale

In the United States approximately twenty percent of home sellers complete For Sale By Owner (FSBO) transactions. For many people the cost of a real estate agent could be money well spent elsewhere and to succeed in the FSBO market using all of the tools and resources available to you is essential. Knowledge, planning and a long-term vision can mean the difference between a smooth, profitable sale and a confusing, frustrating and even costly mess. There are five basic secrets to making a For Sale By Owner situation work for you so write these down, print them out, keep them in a safe place even if you won’t use them until later.

Secret Number One: See the Future

If you decide that selling FSBO is for you, make sure you plan to stick with it for at least three months. It is easy to get discouraged or frustrated in the first few weeks and the temptation to quit will rear its ugly head. Take a deep breath and remind yourself that Rome wasn’t built in a day. Marketing and sales is time consuming and takes work; be patient and your investment will pay off.

Secret Number Two: Know Your Local Area

Research and become familiar with your local market conditions. Having an understanding of what is hot and what is not will help you make important decisions that affect the sale of your home. Read the local real estate columns, visit local and national real estate web sites and review commentaries from experts in the industry, ask friends and colleagues to tell you about personal experiences and look carefully at other properties in your own neighborhood.

Secret Number Three: Appearances Matter

Clean up the yard, clean the carpets and update the fixtures. Make sure the house looks its very best and highlight the areas of the home that make the strongest impression. In today’s real estate market, homeowners who place a high value on neatness and cleanliness are generally rewarded with a quicker sell and a higher price. The time and money you spend will save you both in the long run.

Secret Number Four: Know the Law

Although homeowners can complete almost every aspect of a real estate sale alone, it is always safer to hire a real estate attorney to review the legality of your property transaction. In many states, by law, a real estate attorney is required. Every home sale is different and unique. Your sale may call for the skills of a professional and when it comes to your finances “better safe than sorry” is a good rule to follow

Secret Number Five: Creative Marketing

Most FSBO home sellers use traditional marketing items such as yard signs and web listings, but adding some spice to your marketing plan always works. Creativity in this area always benefits a seller. The faster you can reach your perfect buyer the faster you can complete a successful real estate sale. Imagine all the possible ways you are going to find them. Consider posting an ad in the local paper or hang flyers in public places. Network with neighbors and friends and ask them to send emails and mention your property to their friends and associates. Word of mouth can often pay off more quickly than you expect.

FSBO opportunities can give you more freedom and make you more profitable if you aren’t afraid to do the work. For entrepreneurs who long to learn, execute and succeed individually the first complete real estate sale is a thrill. The confidence you build will lead to future accomplishments and the knowledge you acquire can be carried with you. For more information about FSBO and property listings in the Atlanta metropolitan area please visit my web site at [].

Hot, Hot, Hot Marketing For Your Property

You have decided to sell your property and all you are hearing is the “doom and gloom” of the market. You have already decided that you want to use the top producer of the neighborhood but you aren’t sure about her marketing plan or presence. She seems to sell lots of properties, but you really don’t know if she has a good marketing plan or not.

Before you sign on the dotted line of the listing agreement, be sure to obtain the Marketing Plan in writing, with a commitment from your listing agent as to what exactly you can expect and in what time frame. Successful listing agents often give a calendar type marketing plan with a timeline to ease the seller’s frustration and stress while marketing is being prepared and readied for the property.

Multiple Listing Service. This is one of the ultimate networking tools and it is amazing how often agents and/or their companies overlook the importance of this powerful tool. As a seller, review your listing AFTER it is entered into the MLS. Note if photography is of good quality and clear, multiple pictures, measurements are entered, and all information regarding the property has been completed. In addition, insure that the Remarks section is filled with delightful remarks describing the emotional appeal of the property along with complete clear directions.

Virtual Tours. Need I say more? This tool enables a potential buyer to view a property from near or far, and in the privacy of their home or office. It is very inexpensive to provide this type of worldwide exposure to all types of buyers. The virtual tour link may also, in most situations, be placed on the MLS listing.

Property websites may be the hottest and most unique marketing tool to date. There are several companies that are selling a complete templated website, along with domain name for an individual property. For example, the domain may read [] and contain pages of pictures, virtual tours, floor plans, descriptive text, even scanned condominium documents. The website can be placed on brochures, ads, and even signage to drive potential buyers to the website. The cost is minimal… the exposure is huge.

Staging. An immaculate property is always a must when selling a property. If the property is vacant, over furnished or just needs help, staging may be the perfect answer. A certified stager will visit the property, take photographs, prepare a descriptive report and deliver the news to the seller and the listing agent. They are experts in depersonalizing the property, not necessarily redecorating. Most staged properties sell faster and for more dollars according to national statistics.

Ultraforeclosures Review – What Is This Auction Site About?

The Ultraforeclosures is yet another web site that is geared toward helping folks take advantage of the real estate market melt down. This is a subscription site that offers a 7 day free trial but once the free trial period is over than you will pay a monthly fee until you cancel, the fee is automatically billed to the credit or debit card you use at the time of registration.

Nothing is sold through this website other than information you can get for free. Of course this is a good service if you do not have the time to rifle through endless county records.


The review shows that the site is easy to navigate. The information is easy to understand and most things are easy to find. There is a toll free number you can call if you have any questions. If you need some tutoring or tips on how to purchase foreclosed properties this website offers quite a few tutorial opportunities several different informative Ebook’s a page of tips on how to be successful in the foreclosure purchasing forums.

According to the better business bureau website this company has been registered with the BBB since 2/2010 and no complaints have been registered against them. I could not find any negative reviews on the web and my experience has taught me when a site is a scam or is not functioning as it should the online community typically will ban together and leave nasty reviews wherever they can.


The free trial period costs $1.00, which I know is not going to make or break anyone, but ultimately it is not free, and this bothers me. The $39.95 monthly fee also seems a bit hefty to me, but I guess if you can get the information out of the website that you want in a month and cancel in time so you are not paying any additional months it might be worth the $39.95.

Increase Your Financial IQ Book Review – Part 2 -Protecting Your Money

Once you have learned to solve problems and earn some money, the next thing you need to do is to protect that money from what Robert Kiyosaki calls “financial predators”. Real world predators do not always look the part. Sometimes, they are ordinary people with well-meaning intentions. Their job is to “legally” take money from your pocket…and your job is to “legally” have them take as little as possible.

According to the book, there are 7 financial predators you need to protect your money from. They are:

  1. Bureaucrats who legally take money from you through “taxes”
  • Taxes are your single largest expense
  • Know which type of income you’re earning money from and paying in taxes
    • Earned Income – salary, commission, etc
    • Portfolio Income – income from paper assets such as interests, dividends, etc
    • Passive Income – royalties, rental income from real-estate, licensing, etc
  • Bankers who legally take money from you through “fees”
    • Banks and credit card companies charge you with all kinds of fees, some of them you or your company might not even be aware of
    • For every dollar you have in the bank, the bank can lend out twenty dollars to your credit card. The bank pays you 5 percent for one dollar and makes 20 percent on twenty dollars. That is how banks make money.
  • Brokers who legally take money from you through “commissions”
    • Look for brokers who are students of their profession and invest in what they sell
      • For real-estate brokers, ask them how many properties they are invested in.
      • For stock brokers, ask them which stocks they personally invest in.
    • “Good” brokers make you rich, “bad” brokers make you poor. Build a relationship with “good” brokers.
  • Businesses who legally take money from you through “profits”
    • Buy products that make you rich
    • Poor people buy products that make them poor, paying them for years with a very high interest rate
  • Brides and Beaus who legally take money from you through “alimony/marital asset split”
    • Get a prenuptial agreement before you marry
    • Think of your exit plan before you enter into the agreement
  • Brothers-in-law who legally take money from you through “inheritance or financial wishes”
    • Consult an estate planning specialist to plan your exit
    • Use legal vehicles such as wills & trusts to protect your wealth from death predators
  • Barristers who legally take money from you through “court & legal fees”
    • Hold assets of value in legal entities instead of your own name
    • You must buy insurance before you need it…not the moment you need it.

    Rich Money Habits Review Notes:

    • Protecting your money is like plugging holes. You first need to be aware what the holes are before you can actually plan on fixing them to stop the cash from flowing out.
    • Learning to protect your money is a never ending process as the rules regularly change. The ways to protect your money yesterday may no longer be able to protect your money today or tomorrow.
    • Protecting your money reduces your expenses. The more money you keep, the more money you can utilize for productive endeavors.