Real Estate Transaction Process: Pricing, Marketing, Selling, Sales, Closing

Being an effective, quality, real estate agent, requires several skills, abilities, experiences, expertise, judgment, and actions, used together, to make the process, easier, less stressful, and far more efficient/ effective! This process begins with properly pricing a property, from the start, using a professionally designed, Competitive Market Analysis, valuable, properly designed marketing, well – considered, selling, bringing about a sale, and paying keen attention, until the closing. After more than a decade, as a Licensed Sales Representative, in New York, I have come to realize, the difference, the right agent, might offer, and, so, with that, in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, some of the key considerations, to understand, during this process, and period of time.

1. Pricing: Often, the initial, listing price, sets the tone, for how well the process will go! The best approach is to price it right from the start. Statistics, and data, indicates, the best offers, come, in the vast number of instances, in the first few weeks, after a property is listed, so, doesn’t it make sense, to attract, the maximum number of qualified, potential buyers, from the start, by pricing it realistically, and in a well – considered manner. Sellers should demand, their agents, explain, their pricing rationale, and closely review a Competitive Market Analysis, and use it, to its best purposes.

2. Marketing: What is the best way, to market, a specific house, and property? Choose an agent, who prepares, a fully considered, well – designed, marketing plan, which includes, the reasoning behind, the best media, for your home, and how to get the most bang – for – the – buck. Included in this planning, should be: the proper combination of media use/ usage; priorities; goals; the house’s niche; niche – marketing, etc.

3. Selling: Selling must be proactive, and, clients and agents, must work together, as a team, in order to achieve the best possible results. How quickly an agent responds to leads, answers/ addresses his client’s concerns, and perceptions, and the quality of his advice, in a well – considered, timely manner, often, differentiates, the right representative, for you, and the rest – of – the – pack!

4. Sales: The process of selling, must close the deal, with the results, which make the most sense! Only when the sale, is completed, and, brough to fruition, has the agent, provided the service, his client needs, and deserves!

5. Closing: Some falsely believe, the process is over, when the offer is made and accepted. However, many things, might happen, between, that step, and the closing, and, thus, experience, expertise, foresight, and planning for contingencies, are essential qualities, needed to be a great real estate agent!

Homeowners should hire someone, to represent them, who will pay attention, to all these factors, and create a scenario, where his client, receives the highest, possible price, in the shortest time period, with the best terms, and the least hassle! SInce, for most, their house, represents, their single – biggest, financial asset, doesn’t that make sense?

5 Real Estate Marketing Options

Selling a house usually comes, as a result of a combination of curb appeal, location, pricing, marketing, negotiations, and a few other factors. This article will concentrate briefly, on some of the options, in terns of how houses might be marketed, why one might be better than another (in certain circumstances), cost factors, effectiveness, and usage. There is no such thing as only one way to market and sell a house. Years ago, real estate agents were heavily dependent upon newspaper advertising, and that’s where most prospective buyers looked for information. In today’s information – driven, digital society, much more data is readily available, and while there is still a place for newspaper advertising, it is not the premier way, most of the time. Let’s review 5 marketing options.

1. Direct verbal: This includes face – to – face, telephone calls, contacting a Realtor’s personal contacts, etc. The advantages include cost, and the ability to effectively communicate, articulate the home’s strengths and possibilities, and motivate individuals, to take a look. The disadvantage is, it’s time – consuming, and somewhat limiting!

2. Direct marketing: Some of these include using postcards, flyers, door hangers, for – sale signs, Open House signs, etc. Mailings have become somewhat costly, especially when you consider the relatively low transaction rate, but is often a good supplement, and a positive way to get the message out.

3. Print media: Print media includes newspapers, magazines, weekly circulars, and direct – to – home marketing pieces. These approaches may be somewhat expensive, and surveys indicate most of today’s buyers pay less and less attention to these, than in the past!

4. Digital (websites): When we ask attendees at Open Houses, how they heard about it, the predominant response is from some website. Many use MLS, Trulia, Zillow,, or a larger agency’s own site. When listings are placed on Multiple Listing Service, many other Websites pick up the information, and include it on their sites, as well. There is a cost to this approach, but is probably the most bang – for – the – buck, in terms of marketing real estate, today!

5. Social Media: Social Media includes things like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. The advantage is low or no cost, but there is still quite a bit of uncertainty, as to their effectiveness as a marketing tool, to sell a particular house.

The bottom line is, a real estate agent must know, understand, and use the best marketing tools available, to sell a particular house. Dependent on type, price, niche, location, etc, the options often vary.

Bentwinds Golf Course Community Review – Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina

The Bentwinds Community is one of two golf course neighborhoods in Fuquay-Varina. Bentwinds residents enjoy the privacy afforded by the large lots with mature trees. A variety of home styles are represented in Bentwinds, appealing to every taste. Construction began in 1978 with homes built as recently as 2007. Home sizes range from 2600 to 5500 square feet with prices starting in the mid $400,000’s to over $900,000.

Bentwinds residents truly embrace the concept of community as shown on the friendly and conscious neighborhood blog. Here a group of active residents highlight the activities and accomplishments of the community while addressing any concerns. The Bentwinds Clubhouse features a full service restaurant and bar and can accommodate banquets, weddings and parties of all kinds. The neighborhood pool offers a relaxing place for the entire family to swim or cheer on the Bentwinds Swim Team. In addition to walking trails, Bentwinds offers tennis facilities equipped with 4 hard courts, a backboard and lights. The club also offers a summer golf, swim and tennis camp for kids. This neighborhood offers the perfect place to relax and enjoy a private, leisurely lifestyle.

Built between1978-2007 homesites are available today for around $115,000 for? acre

The Bentwinds Location Bentwinds is located off of Sunset Lake Road in Fuquay-Varina, NC. This ideal location offers a short drive to Holly Springs and Cary. Fuquay-Varina is a small-town community with charm and a neighborly atmosphere. Fuquay-Varina boasts two separate downtown areas featuring specialty shops including The Chocolate Bean coffee shop, Toytown Hobby Shop, and Carolina Bead Company as well as professional services, restaurants, a library and a book store. Additionally, grocery stores, banks, a hardware store, and a department store can be found on Main Street in Fuquay-Varina. The Parks and Recreation Department offers thirteen park sites with seventeen athletic fields, a gym and a community center offering fitness, educational and recreational programs. The Fuquay-Varina Athletic Association offers many opportunities for adult athletic leagues as well as exceptional youth sports programs. Annual community sponsored events include an Independence Day Celebration with live music and fireworks, a Holiday Parade and an annual Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony. Fuquay-Varina is a 30 minute drive from Cary or downtown Raleigh and is accessible to the areas universities and entertainment. Fuquay-Varina’s convenient distance from larger local cities offers the amenities of city life, but allows residents to enjoy larger lots and often reduced housing costs. While this close-knit community stays true to its small town atmosphere, it is one of the fastest growing towns in Wake County and has a promising future.

Bentwinds Golf Course offers the golf lover a great place to golf as well as a wonderful community in which to live.

5 Factors Why Real Estate CommissionsVary

Most people recognize, while the commission charged, by real estate agents, is often, quite similar, within local communities, they vary. Not only is it the law, but the most efficient, effective way, to conduct business. Although homeowners should not focus, all their attention, on this rate, it is, of course, one, which should, and is considered, quite often. With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly examine, review, consider, and discuss, what this means and represents, and 5 factors, regarding, why real estate commissions vary.

1. It’s the law: Since real estate agents are Independent Contractors, they must be free, to determine, the best commission, and their reasons, for asking for a specific rate. This is not only, the law, but, rather, also, the reasonable, best possible approach!

2. All representation is not always equal: Sometimes, we should look at these fees, as, You get what you pay for! Different agents possess different abilities, attitudes, willingness to pay attention, services, and perspectives, which might make a particular one, more valuable to a specific homeowner! During the interview and presentation process, a potential client, should carefully evaluate which representative, might best serve, their specific needs. How well does the individual, defend his reasons, exhibit superior value, based on negotiating prowess, and expertise, etc? If someone is unable to justify his own value, how will he be able to perform the finest negotiations, on your behalf?

3. Time/ effort: Some agents will exhibit more effort, and dedicate more time, than others. In addition, some properties require more effort, than others, in terms of marketing, staging, and making the best, possible impact, so the homeowner has the best chance, to get the best possible price, in the shortest period of time, with a minimum of hassle and stress!

4. Agent’s value: When you interview, to hire you representation, it’s important and essential, to determine the value, of each individual, not merely in terms of services, but, rather the relevant benefits, of their efforts. If someone provides superior, more valuable service, they should be entitled, perhaps, to higher compensation.

5. Service: Will the person you hire, be there, for you, consistently, addressing your concerns, answering questions, explaining their reasoning, and how, teamwork, might provide the best results, as well as be the resource, to help you find the finest professionals, for you, in related areas, such as mortgage banking/ brokerage, home inspection, legal representation, stagers, etc? Will he be there, for you, from the onset, through the closing?

All agents are not equal, so why should all commissions paid, be? Find the individual, who will best serve your specific needs (actual, anticipated, and potential)!

Review of Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver – Michael Maloney

I recently finished reading Mike Maloney’s “Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver”. Since 2005 Michael Maloney has been Robert Kiyosaki’s advisor on investing in precious metals. Mike is not only a very smart person; he is a smart person who understands what is shaping our economy and really cares about how it will affect the middle class. His passion and concern for the average American comes through loud and clear. Reading this book has been a life changing experience.

In this book Mike outlines the history of money, currency and the boom and bust cycles which all currencies go through. He starts with the first currency crash which occurred way back in ancient Greece in the year 680 B.C. From there he gives several historical examples which all prove the same thing, currencies are not real money and they are often used by governments to exploit the value of their citizens’ hard labor. Throughout the ages many things have been used as currency including livestock, spices, grain and paper, but only two things have always been real money, gold and silver.

Mike Maloney gives the uninitiated a useful education in the history of economic cycles, how the U.S. government is diluting our money supply and devaluing our currency for it’s own benefit and why precious metals are one of the most profitable, easy and safe investments you can make right now. To my surprise I found that although everything Mike says is supported with facts, figures, charts and graphs, the book reads like a mystery novel and I just wanted to keep turning the pages.

The impact of this book lies in its simple yet detailed explanations of how to understand the true value of the Dow when compared to commodities, real estate and precious metals, how to tell where we are in the boom and bust cycles of each and more importantly how you can easily profit from that knowledge.

In times of financial upheaval wealth does not disappear; it just transfers from one group to another. In previous cycles the big players, the banks and the ultra wealthy have benefited. In this economic cycle, wealth will be transferred from the uneducated to the well informed. Right now you can choose to inform yourself and move to the receiving side of the greatest wealth transfer in the history of mankind.

This book contains the kind of financial knowledge that is not taught in our schools. If you fail to educate yourself, what you don’t know will hurt you. This book can make a real difference in your future.

I have been fortunate enough to associate myself with a group of well educated investors who have opened my eyes to the possibilities of making good profits during times of financial difficulty. It was my privilege to personally meet Michael Maloney, Peter Schiff, G. Edward Griffin and Marc Bruner at the last conference our investors group held.

I would encourage you to do everything within your power to also associate yourself with a group of knowledgeable investors who are willing to share their experience with you. It is a true statement that wealth rubs off. Spend your time with people who have what you want. Read books like this one that are written by the people who are doing what you want to do.