The Girl From the Sea by Shalini Bolland: A Review

In her amnesiac thriller, Shalini Bolland introduces us to the confusion of a solitary woman washed up the shore. Percussive short sentences indicate the woman’s state of mind. The author segues into the sights, sounds, and smells of the hospital as our heroine is brought into the Emergency Department.

Reassured by Dr. Lazowski that her amnesia is temporary, our victim obsesses because she can’t even remember her name, much less how she came to be lying on the beach, water washing over her. Well-intentioned doctors, nurses and detectives press her for any memory that might surface. “Retrograde amnesia”. The use of the term strikes her panic button.

  • Where are you from?
  • Were you out running?
  • Do you have any identifying marks on your body?
  • Can you remember names of people you may know?

“I don’t know” is her resounding response. A look in the mirror confirms her fears. She has no idea who she is.

Someone has reported that “Mia James” is missing. Could that be her name? We immediately mistrust Mia’s boyfriend and family. Upon meeting her mother, she discovers that old photos of her are “in storage.” Piers, her boyfriend, whom she does not remember, fills her in on a huge inheritance she received from her father, and a real estate business that she and Piers own together. Mia meets all new information with mixed emotions. Who can she trust?

This contemporary mystery proceeds at a fast clip, fueling my inability to put the book down. The first person narrative is peppered with short paragraphs we assume to be memories, but even these are hazy. The emotional acceleration is propulsive until the middle of the book. Lies, blackmail, secrets, accusations, mistrust weave through The Girl from the Sea, but the book’s momentum slows to the point where the thrill of the thriller is stalled. A good read for those not needing consistently compelling reading.

I thank NetGalley and Adrenalin Books for supplying an ARC for my unbiased review.

What To Seek From Your Real Estate Agent?

Since, for most of us, our house represents the single – biggest, financial asset, doesn’t it make sense, when you decide, to sell your home, to get the best results, and when you purchase, you get the quality house, you seek and deserve? In most parts of the country, there are many options, in terms of hiring a real estate agent, to best represent you, and your needs, in the best possible way, so, it is wise, to choose smartly, and hire the best individual, for your specific needs, personality, situation, etc. Let’s review a few of the qualities to focus on.

1. Empathy: When you interview potential agents, observe closely, and see, if their presentation, is focused, clearly on you, or more general? Does the individual ask probing, insightful questions, and, then effectively listens, and learns, what you seek, and your goals, priorities, and needs? You might wonder why I list empathy before certain skills, but, it’s because, many have the skills, but fewer possess genuine empathy!

2. Marketing/ action plan: How will your house be marketed, and why? What media, vehicles, etc, might make the best differences, for the better? How will you, and the agent, work, as a team? How often will you share ideas, and how will the process go? How will potential price adjustments be determined and considered? What factors does the agent anticipate, and how will he position, you? Are you a candidate, for a house – stager, how expensive is it, and what are the benefits, etc?

3. Niche: Is this house a candidate for niche – marketing, and why? If so, what is that niche? How will the house be marketed and promoted, to best take advantage of that?

4. Strengths/ weaknesses: Avoid being overly emotional, and review, both, the strengths and weaknesses of the home and property, etc, especially compared to the competition. Emphasize the strengths, and minimize weaknesses!

5. Competitive Market Analysis: Pricing the house, right, from the start, is often the difference, between the finest, and lesser results! Many people falsely, equate, listing price, with selling price, and list the house, at too high a price! Doing so, often, hurts the final number, because, in most cases, the best results come in the first few weeks, and only intelligent pricing, does so! There are often times, when pricing lower, creates a competitive situation, and I have often, had clients, get better results, from starting lower, and attracting more buyers.

6. Integrity: It’s difficult to evaluate, but demand, an agent, with the utmost degree of genuine integrity!

Carefully examine and consider, who you choose, to hire, as your real estate agent. The better you choose, the easier the period.

Multiple Streams of Internet Income by Robert G Allen – Book Review

Title and Author: Multiple Streams of Internet Income by Robert G. Allen

Synopsis of Content:

Allen’s thesis here is threefold: first, that you can make serious money on the internet, that it is the gold mine of the future; second, that in order to maximize internet opportunities you must exploit several of them, or what he calls multiple streams, and third, done right this is a fast way to make profits.

The strength in this book is the innumerable tips and tricks that a person new to internet commerce would not know but a veteran likely would. The important websites and internet resources alone are probably worth the price of the book if you are starting out on the web or even are fairly new to this. Another strength of the book is the myriad of ideas it suggests for you. You can and should return to this book time and again to mine from it the gems of information that can lead you to opportunities. This is not a detailed how-to manual. It is a great survey of the basic ways that people are making money on the internet.

The chief weaknesses of the book are that it makes assumptions that may not be valid for the inexperienced reader and it promises too much too easily. Typical of the Allen approach, he is short on the obstacles and limitations and long on the promise for wealth and ease of effort. For example he discusses how quickly you can generate rapid sales from a well written sales letter by email but fails to tell the reader that this only works when you have built up a very impressive email opt in list and that they take either a lot of money or a lot of time and effort to create.

If you can bear that caveat in mind and remind yourself that there are no get rich quick schemes (at least none that are legal) you can still benefit significantly from this book.

I have not seen an all around basic introduction into the many opportunities to make money on the internet that is better than this one or more comprehensive. If you want to see the opportunities out there and get excited about following one or more such “streams” this book is a great introduction and a good motivator. Just remember there is a whole lot of work and a lot more education needed to accomplish the kinds of income flows that Allen suggests are easy to do. This book may well be the start of your internet wealth library but only the start – it will take a lot more to get you there.

One principle that Allen teaches here however is worth a comment as it is very true and very important: it is critical to set up multiple sources or “streams” of income on the internet because you are not like to find any one source that is perfect or last forever. Many internet sales systems burn out over time and new “campaigns” need to be launched to capture more sales.

This book was written in 2001 and is therefore very dated. The internet and internet commerce is changing rapidly. When he wrote this there were no social media such as Facebook and very little use of video on the web. On a conceptual level Allen’s book remains relevant but on a technical level much has changed since he wrote it.

Readability/Writing Quality:

This book is easy to read. Allen writes clearly and makes it all interesting. He uses lots of sub titles and organizes the information well. He uses text boxes with supplemental information, many of which contain gems worth more than the regular text.

Notes on Author:

Robert Allen is an author who has written on wealth building for many years. He started out with a book called No Money Down about how to buy real estate for no money down. A great deal has been written over the years about the validity of Allen’s real estate theories. I will leave that to another time and place when we do an author feature on him. For now it is enough to remind the reader that Allen is long on motivation and promises of the possibilities and short on acknowledging what can go wrong, where the weaknesses are, etc. He is a great read if you want motivation and want to stimulate your wealth building imagination. He should never be the final word – to do your due diligence in building any kind of business you need more than a motivational introduction.

Three Great Ideas You Can Use:

1. Once you set up an internet money machine, that is an internet sales system, it operates almost on auto-pilot. It takes little daily attention and if it was done correctly and if you have built a sufficient opt in list your sales will flow in day and night without much effort on your part.

2. The key to building solid and sustained sales on line is to build a good opt in list and to continue to grow it.

3. Good copy – that is, well written sales pages, are the key to turning those potential customers on your opt in list into actual buyers. Practice and refine the art of good copy writing to maximize your sales opportunities.

It is difficult to narrow the list to three. Allen does have a lot of gems here that you need to know from some source if you want to make money off the internet. If that is your interest this book is an excellent introduction.

Publication Information: Multiple Streams of Internet Income by Robert Allen, Copyright: 2001 Robert G. Allen. Published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

General Rating:Good

An Honest Jay Kubassek Review With All the Facts

What Other Reviews Will Give You

Most other reviews on Jay will seem like night and day. Some will contribute positive feedback to this young entrepreneur, while others will slander the hell out of Jay. So why are there mixed reviews? It deals with the reviewers experience with Jay’s marketing system. Some have made money with the system and adore Jay. Some people didn’t make money with the system and then blame Jay for their shortcomings. In this review, you’ll get just the facts.

Who Is Jay Kubassek?

Jay Kubassek is a native Canadian and has been an entrepreneur all his life. He managed his family’s farm while he was only 19 years old. So it seemed almost inevitable that Jay would one day become the ultra success story he is presently. Jay dabbled in the home business industry, just like millions of other people with a dream to experience real freedom. He has been a member of Liberty League along with some other notable top earners in the industry as well as a few other MLM companies.

What Has Jay Accomplished?

Jay’s claim to internet fame came when he and his partner Aaron Parkinson launched Carbon Copy Pro in October of 2007. This is marketing system that now is worth over 20 million and is in over 160 countries. Jay is the owner of six businesses, part time philanthropist, professional speaker and trainer and real estate investor. Jay is relatively young and most would find it difficult to experience this level of success so early in life. Jay attributes his accomplishments to his desire to succeed and taking control of his life back when he was a lowly muffler salesman in Missouri.

So What Is Carbon Copy Pro?

This is by far one of Jay’s best accomplishments. Carbon Copy Pro is a marketing system that helps members sell products for Wealth Masters International (WMI), a direct sales company. Jay and Aaron basically took what they knew about becoming top earners in WMI and developed an internet marketing system so other people could leverage their results. This became a win-win situation for everyone because people with zero marketing experience could plug into a system and make money and Jay and Aaron benefited as well.

Can Jay’s System Help You Earn Money?

Absolutely. But only if two conditions are met. You have to be able to follow directions and know how to market. The system does work and there are about 15 members earning multiple five figures per month, but you must become a good marketer and generate a steady flow of leads. It soon becomes a numbers game and the system converts very high.

Final Thoughts On Jay

Jay is super successful. Additionally, Jay has helped hundreds of people to experience success online, even if they didn’t remain a member of his system. It is very admirable what Jay does with a lot of his money. He is a terrific example of what happens when you commit to your desire and let nothing hold you back. As far as working with the Carbon Copy Pro marketing system, this is a decision you will have to make on your own. In direct regards to Jay, he gets my stamp of approval and it will be awesome to see some more entrepreneurs break out like he did.

4 Factors Which Impact Real Estate’s Future

Since no one has a crystal ball, there will always be, a significant degree of uncertainty, when it comes to trying to predict, and forecast, the future, and trends, when it comes to the housing market, etc! Although, past trends, are significant, and important, to understand, we must, also recognize, we live in an evolving world, and, everything, from how, houses are marketed (especially, the digital/ Internet considerations), to the extended, nearly, historically low, mortgage interest rates, differ, from what has been witnessed, and experienced, in the past. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 4 factors, which might probably, impact real estate’s future.

1. Supply and demand: One item, which has always been relevant, and still is, is the idea and concept, of Supply and Demand. When there is more supply (available houses on market, than qualified buyers), than demand (buyers, proactively, seeking a home, to purchase), home prices are stressed, and, often, fall! On the other hand, when the converse, exists, prices, generally, move upward. Housing prices, and pricing, are, generally, fluid, and, either, Buyers Markets, or Sellers Markets, often, come and go, quickly, and regularly!

2. Available funds: There are times, when lending institutions, follow, more strict guidelines, and, others, when money is looser! This creates, times, when they require higher, or lower, credit requirements, in order to loan, and finance, a house. In addition, depending on overall conditions, there may be, either, more, or fewer, qualified buyers. When money is more – readily available, lenders may require lower downpayments, which, means individuals, often, apply for a greater amount of the loan principal.

3. Job security/ optimism: The more, secure, potential buyers, are, and feel, and whether, they believe, there will be a prolonged, positive job/ employment market, often, determines, how many people, consider themselves, potential buyers. When there are fewer buyers, this creates, lower house prices, etc.

4. Local, regional, and national economic conditions: Economic conditions, often, dictate, and determine, the behavior and performance of the housing market! Although, world – wide, and national, economic conditions, are significant, regional and local factors, strengths, weaknesses, trends, etc, are often, even more relevant! When consumer confidence is high, and potential buyers, believe, positive things, will continue, the real estate market benefits!

Both, professional real estate agents, as well as homeowners, and potential buyers, benefit, when they better understand, as many relevant factors, as possible. Smart buyers and sellers, hire, someone, who will help direct them, to understand, the best courses of action, and opportunities.